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new fic (Surviving Normalcy) Robotech: New Generation, Rook, Rand

Title: Surviving Normalcy
Author: karrenia_rune
Fandom: Robotech New Generation
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Rook Bartley, Rand


A look at Rook and Rand set a few years down the road.

Disclaimer: Robotech: New Generation and the characters of Rook and Rand and any others that are mentioned or who appear here are the original creations of Tatsunoko Studios and Harmony Gold USA Ltd' they are not mine. Note: The story was written for siliceous' request in the 2009 Rare Fandom Yuletide Exchange and is set approximately a year or two after the series finale.

Surviving Normalcy by karrenia_rune

Settling into a daily routine after years spent on the run either to some place or as far away from some other place had been the most difficult to work out between the two of them.

That they made a good team was undeniable. And the more Rand considered the matter; it would have taken someone like Scott Bernard, with an eye to playing to both the team's and the individual's strengths and knowing just how to draw the best of each out them; even during the most exhausting and physically and emotionally draining steps along the road to Reflex Point.

He and Rook Bartley had made a good team and no matter how they had argued and managed to grind on each other's last nerve; there would always be something there.

On the whole, Rook Bartley would always be the more resilient of the pair, and on the surface if Rand wanted to admit it or not, how they wound up together is nothing short of remarkable.

He had been the wide-eyed country boy adventurer; taking life as it came. She had been the more cynical and practical one; and in the back of his mind thought Rand, "You know what they say about opposites attracting one another.'. He smiled at thought and wondered where Rook had gone.

Their small house sat just on the edge of a town that was so new that it had not yet had name inked onto the new maps that a group of like-minded individuals were working on as part of an on-going reconstruction project.

It was a good idea as far as it went and Rand had been all for it; after all he did know a thing or two about wood working, and various other tasks that required working with one's hands.

He finally found her in the shed that after some effort that they had put into restoring it now served as a garage of sorts for their Cyclones

"Hey," Rand said as he shimmied open the door to the shed and stepped through. The familiar aroma of damp wood, paint and the lingering scent of whatever shampoo Rook had found to wash her strawberry blond hair lingered in the air.

"Hey, Rook, why don't you leave off repairs to the Cyclone and come with me?"

"Where are we going?" she asked. Rook in the times that she had been with Scott's team had often been through together with Rand and despite her initial reserve and impressions of the young man; discovered that the were layers that went deeper than just on the surface. Given her own history she had been reluctant to open up, but somehow, perhaps without either of them being aware of it happening; Rand had found a way into her heart.

"I think I'd rather it be a surprise," he replied with a nonchalant shrug and quick reassuring grin.

"I don't like surprises," she said.

"Just a hypothetical question, mind you," said Rand and then trailing off and cocking his head to one side as if thinking his next words through before adding: "Would you rather live in a world without surprises."

"This is a hypothetical question right," asked Rook as she got to her feet and squaring he shoulders eyed him appraisingly. "What are you up to?"

"Me?" Why should I be up to anything?"

"I know you. So, spill."

She had gotten to known him pretty well and she knew the 'look' and a certain timbre in the sound of his voice and a way he held his body that he was up to something; but she was willing to at least meet him halfway on whatever it was he was intending to suggest.

Rand's suggestions were at best quite good, at worst, well, they were bound to be interesting. "Just as long as nothing blows up or gets set on fire. Sure, I'm game for just about anything," she said aloud.

"What exactly do you have up your sleeve?" she asked.

"Just come on out here and you can see for yourself," he replied.

"It's time like these," mused Rook lying on her back on the ground and with her blue-eyed gaze fixed on the stars," that really makes you wonder about, oh hell, I don't know just stuff and nonsense."

"Wonder about anything in particular?" asked Rand.

Rook sighed and then uttered a queer little laugh, and then said: "I wonder if we'll ever see any of the others again, or if they wonder about us, you know?"

Rand nodded. "Me, too. It's like I was thinking on earlier today, while we were cleaning the house and fixing the evening meal; that during the humdrum everyday stuff you don't realize what's really important.."

Rook sighed and craned her neck so that she was at eye-level with Rand and before she could think better of it or even if she wanted to or he could pull away she kissed him. "Rand, dear boy, some times you do manage to say just the right thing."

"Why, thank you, Miss Bartley," Rand replied with a grin plastered on his face and twining his hands through the tangled strands of her hair. "We just might make after all."

As she regarded him she arched one eyebrow and adjusting her position on the ground said: "Was there ever any doubt?"

"I, I don't know what to say. Hey, earlier I was thinking what a great team we made, so moving forward," Rand shrugged and wrapped his arms around her," I guess not." Rand replied.

Rook stood up glanced around at the hilltop that provided a marvelous view in any direction that one cared to look. "Then we're good. I'd say we're more than good. Then there is only one last thing to deal with."


"C'mere and kiss me, you fool!"

Rand did not reply at once he simply did as indicated. For after all tomorrow would come soon enough along with the all the tasks left undone and all the task left to do; but strictly speaking it was still midnight and the stars still shone down on them; and they locked into each others' tight embrace and held on like that for a very long time. <
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