I was wondering if this okay to post here, but I would need a beta read on a Rook Bartley story from New Gen which
is a character study of her live from her time living with her family to the time she joined Scott Bernard's resistance group.
It's for the mini portion of Round 2 of the Heroines Big Bang. I would like another pair of eyes to go over it for general mechanics, grammar and verb tenses, and comma usage.

It's called "Look Way Up to the Sky" Thanks and take care, karrenia

Introduing a New Fan Fic Land Comm!

    First to the moderators, if this isn't allowed, I'm sorry, but I didn't see where it said it wasn't.  Delete it, or ask me and I'll remove it.  I honestly did check, but I could have overlooked something somewhere.  I also fully accept that this is not an excuse and take the blame that is due me if I've failed to read something important.

    Now to the rest of my friendly comm mates!  :-)  Many of you are probably familiar with the concept of land comms where the members compete in various activities to see who can gain the most points or reach a goal line first.  I thought it was a really neat concept when I first came across it but quickly found myself bored with the art competitions.  It's the fan fic I want, and all fan fic that I've geared this new land comm after.
    There are five teams -- one for comics, one for movies, one for TV shows, one for cartoons and anime, and one for books --, and each team will be striving to reach 5,000 points first.  Challenges will be both weekly (drabbles/short fics -- from 100 to 1,000 words) and monthly (longer fics -- 1,000 words and longer).  Other things may also be done to earn points as we go along.
    The URL is http://community.livejournal.com/fanficland, but there is a simple form that must be filled out before memberships can be approved.  The form is posted in the first message on the board and should be answered in a comment left to that message.  Please do not reply to this post if you are interested but post over at Fan Fic Land if you are as this is the only time I plan on bothering this wonderful comm with my own comm.

    I hope to see at least some of you there!  Thanks to the mods for this chance to share.  Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and for all the talent, work, and effort you already put into making the world of fan fic a bigger, brighter, and better place for us all!

Pirate Turner
diggin the hair

Aftermath - Claudia Grant/Roy Fokker

Title: Aftermath

Characters: Claudia Grant/Roy Fokker
Author: The Vixenne (aka Vixenne Victorienne)
Fandom: Robotech/Macross
Rating: R for strong erotic elements.

Author’s Note:  Because there’s just not enough Roy/Claudia fics out there.   

Disclaimer: I do not own Robotech, the characters or the situations.  I just like writing about them.


To Carl Macek R.I.P.  Thank you…

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New Gen Fanfic: The Convoy

Title: The Convoy
Author: Listy listyfox
Era: New Generation
Rating: PG
Summary: Rand contemplates life as the Freedom Fighters deal with the consequences of a heist gone somewhat awry.

I don't own Robotech or any of the characters presented within. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

This is dedicated to the memory of Carl Macek, who introduced me to these characters. For that I shall always be grateful.

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new fic (Surviving Normalcy) Robotech: New Generation, Rook, Rand

Title: Surviving Normalcy
Author: karrenia_rune
Fandom: Robotech New Generation
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Rook Bartley, Rand


A look at Rook and Rand set a few years down the road.

Disclaimer: Robotech: New Generation and the characters of Rook and Rand and any others that are mentioned or who appear here are the original creations of Tatsunoko Studios and Harmony Gold USA Ltd' they are not mine. Note: The story was written for siliceous' request in the 2009 Rare Fandom Yuletide Exchange and is set approximately a year or two after the series finale.

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Rook from Robotech

Nobody's Hero (New Gen: Rook Bartley)

This fic is rated: PG
Fandom: Robotech (New Generation)
Characters: Rook Bartley
Summary: She's no hero.
Warnings: violence
Word Count: 100
Feedback: yes, please! Concrit welcomed.
Distribution: archiving, linking or remixing ok, just credit me and drop me a line!
Author's Note: for halfamoon, I'm challenging myself to write about 14 women I've never featured before.
Cross-Posted were_lemur, robotech_fanfic, halfamoon
My FanFic Masterlist
Disclaimer: Robotech and all the Hayeses, Hunters, Zentraedi, and other recognizable characters contained within all belong to Harmony Gold. No copyright violations intended, I’m not making any money, please don’t sue me!

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new fic (The Rules of Engagement) Robotech/Macross, Henry Gloval and Breetai, PG

Title: The Rules of Engagement
Fandom: Robotech/Macross
Author: karrenia
Characters: Henry Gloval and Breetai
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: a look at the strategic interplay between these two characters.

Disclaimer: Robotech/Macross belongs to Sunrise, Tatsunoko Studios, and Harmony Gold and its respective creators and producers as do all of the characters who appear here or are mentioned; they are not mine.
Written for Unanon's previously unfilled Yuletide 2008 request.

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