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Livin' La Vida Dorka

apology drabble for femslash100

This fic is rated: PG
Fandom: Robotech (Masters)
Characters: Dana Sterling/Nova Satori
Summary: sometimes "sorry" is the hardest word to say
For femslash100's prompt 158: Apology
Warnings: pre-pre-pre saffic
Spoilers: for the end of Masters
Word Count: 100
Feedback: yes, please! Concrit welcomed.
Distribution: archiving, linking or remixing ok, just credit me and drop me a line!
Author's Note: yes, this is a weird pairing. Blame the cough syrup.
Cross-Posted were_lemur, robotech_fanfic, femslash100
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Disclaimer: Robotech and all the Hayeses, Hunters, Zentraedi, and other recognizable characters contained within all belong to Harmony Gold. No copyright violations intended, I’m not making any money, please don’t sue me!

"Nova -- " Dana feels her voice catch on the words she knows she should say.

"Let me guess. At the last moment, he -- " and Dana is almost glad that Nova can't say the name either " -- he told you that he loved you."

"No," Dana lies, because she's come to bury the hatchet, not twist the knife. Or something. And because, for the first time, she sees Nova as maybe something more than a rival.

So she slips into the seat across from Nova, and takes the other woman's hand between both of hers. "I'm sorry."
Tags: dana sterling, futurefic, masters, nova satori, shippy
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