Robotech Fanfiction

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This is (kinda obviously) a community for posting Robotech Fanfiction.

There are just a few simple rules, which are pretty common.

Please put stories behind lj-cuts.

Don't forget the disclaimer. Legal butt-covering is a GOOD thing. ^_^

To help people find stories they are interested in reading, put some info in the heading; things like time period/series, characters/pairing, if there are important OCs, whether it's McKinneyverse, Yuneverse, AU, stuff like that.

Also! Please rate your posts and provide warnings if there is material that might be objectionable. (Sex, violence, Rick/Minmei, etc.)

No NC-17 Please! (I can't verify anyone's age, so I don't want it posted here. If you've got something like that, just post a link.)

I know it's unlikely in Robotech, but no kiddie porn. Why goes without saying. But I'm saying anyway; kiddie porn is wrong.

Um, I think that just about covers it!

Oh, yeah, no flamey badness!
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